a stem-based summer dance camp


Join a community of ambitious students for an inspiring summer experience unlike any other camp in the world.



Spend your summer falling in love with code and dance – and the magic that happens when you bring the two together. Over the course of the program, you will be introduced to software and electrical engineering principles, as well as choreography principles, in order to create a dance routine that integrates the two. You will collaborate with inspiring instructors and fellow participants to explore the incredible world of code and dance with hands-on learning. 

On the final day of camp, you will perform the tech-infused routines you’ve created in a group showcase, as well as exhibit and discuss the tech aspect of the routines. You will leave the STEM From Dance Summer Intensive knowing how to write code, construct circuits, create movement, think creatively, and collaborate with peers. 

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“It's a great idea to bring something that is already typically considered as being "fun," such as dance, meanwhile teaching us that STEM is just as fascinating.”

– Girls Rise Up Student



Limited spots will be available for the 2019 program. Fill in your information below to receive details about next summer’s program.